The 2023 Programme

Below you can find a link to the schedule of the Summer Student Lecture Programme 2023.

Summer Student Lecture Programme 2023 Schedule


The Summer Student Lecture Programme (SSLP) aims at providing a pedagogical introduction to all the areas of the CERN research Mission. The lectures are addressed to students in Physics, Engineering, and Computer Science. Basic background in Physics and Mathematics is the only prerequisite. During the five weeks of the Programme, basic foundation courses are followed by more specific lectures. By attending the Programme, the Summer Students will be exposed to the activities of CERN as a whole and to its multidisciplinary essence.

The Programme is organized by the SSLP Committee with representatives from the CERN Departments of Experimental Physics (EP), Theoretical Physics (TH), Beams (BE), Accelerator Systems (SY), Information Technology (IT), International Relations (IR), and Human Resources (HR).

The members of the SSLP Committee

  • Eva Sicking (EP), co-chair
  • Matthew Philip McCullough (TH), co-chair                         
  • Francesco Cerutti (SY)       
  • Andrea Valassi (IT)
  • Giovanni Petrucciani (EP)           
  • Bernhard Holzer (BE) 
  • Wilke Van Der Schee (TH)
  • Ana Dordevic (IR)
  • Barbara Binder (HR)
  • Anastasija Preobrazenska (HR)
  • Caroline Debetaz (HR)
  • Kristina Gunne (IT)