Poster Session

This is your chance to expose your work project and to present it within the bigger context of your experiment or department. You can make one poster on your own, or with a small group. Of course all students and supervisors are welcome to join us.

There are only 34 places, allocated on a first come, first served basis.

When? July 2022, date to be announced later this year

How? Please register here once registration opens for 2022, registration date will be announced in due time

Where? Mezzanine of the Main Building

We look forward to seeing you there, don't forget to invite your supervisor and colleagues.


For inspiration: Posters from 2019 Poster Session

Scroll down for more details.



Name Department Topic
Adrian Navarro Perez BE-BI-BP CyberBeam: Development of a computer video game
about beam instrumentation for the CERN Open Days 2019
Alexander Digurov EP-SFT Overlap checker in VecGeom
Cecilia Ferrari EP-LCD Disappearing Tracks @ CLIC
Denis-Patrick Odagiu EP-UAT Searching for ALPs with light-by-light scattering

El Mehdi Essaidi
Sarah Deutsch


Simulation of the Final Focus and Collimator of the Electron Beam for VHEE Therapy (50-200 MeV) and 5 MeV X-Ray Therapy with Geant4 / TOPAS 

Elizaveta Cherepanova EP-UAT Energy Deposits of Stopped Particles in the ATLAS Calorimeter

Giacomo Alocco
Gerhard Huber

EP-AIP-PAP "Hunting Hypertritons in Heavy-Ion Collisions"
Heng Yang EP-ADT-TR The data analysis that searches for the asociated production ot a fop quark pair and a Higgs Bosson
Ho Chun Lau EP-CMG-OS Search for magnetic monopole in heavy ion collision
Judith Gafriller EP-UAD Postitron trapping at GBAR
Kaitlyn Tia Liang EP-UAT Noise Level Comparisons for Silicon Detector Modules for ATLAS Inner Tracker (ITk) Upgrade
Karolina Kmiec BE-BI-EA Beam Profile Monitor for Slowly Extracted Beams @CERN
Laura Bruce EP-ADP-OS  
Mohammad El Hajj Hussein IT-CDA-IC Reproducible Examples for Integration with Keycloak
Olivier Rousselle EP-UAT Modelling of ATLAS Forward Proton Detector
Sara Ruiz Daza EP-LCD Power pulsing with CLICpix2
Shiyo Enyo EP-ADE-TK Threshold test of the pixel detector MALTA
Vincent Juste HSE-RP-AS FLUKA and ActiWiz benchmark for the samples irradiated close to the BDT target prototype
Xavier Weiss BE-ABP-HSC Inferring Temperature from Pressure in a vaccum
Yanisa Sunthornyotin EP-CMG-CO Alerts Automatic Triage for CMS web logs monitoring system


More details

Posters can be as big as you like as long as they fit on the pannel. We recommend to print it in A0 (84.09 x 118.9 cm) or A1 (59.46 x 84.09 cm). The panels we use for the poster session are the same as the summer student notice board outside the Auditorium, so please just make sure it fits.

Where to print your Poster?

Your poster can be printed at the CERN Printshop. Once you have created your poster, you will just have to convert it into a pdf file and send it to the Printshop via the online submission form. You will then be informed when the poster has been printed and is ready for collection. 

Note that if you want to print 2 or more copies you will have to provide a budget code (you will need to ask your supervisor for your group budget code).

The CERN Printshop is located on the ground floor of building 510 (opposite the Main Building): 510 R-007. The Printshop reception is open from: 09h00-12h00 and 13h00-16h00 Monday to Friday . 

Please make sure that you submit your poster request during normal working hours, and not to leave it until the last moment! Note that for large conferences, the waiting list in front of you can be very long.

For those participants who have not sent the topic of their posters yet, please send it as soon as possible to the Summer Student Team.