Would you like to get a hands-on experience in the CERN labs?


We prepare a wide range of workshops for each summer to help you to get the most out of the summer student programme learning experience. 

Some workshops may be necessary to carry out your student project and some may prove to be an interesting training for your current studies or future. We therefore highly encourage you to participate to those tutorials which are of your interest and relevant to your work project. 

A brief introduction to all workshops is usually done on the first day of the summer student lecture programme. This will be the moment to ask any questions you may have. We are of course also available by email, please contact us if needed.

Join workshops by registering on the dedicated Indico page. We will inform you in due time when registrations will open by email. This usually happens early July.


Summer Student in S'Cool LAB July 2017
Summer Student in S'Cool LAB July 2017 (Image: CERN)